Happy New Year!

I hope each of you looks forward to a productive and satisfying year.

In 2017, I reached several milestones. I now feel settled in Tucson and love my life here. I continue to write, but I realized that I also want to savor each moment of my life. Learning that two of my favorite mystery authors died late last year reinforced my decision to live joyously. I will miss the words of Joan Hess and Sue Grafton.

One of my principal joys is traveling, and I’m not able to tour all day and write all night, so my writing has slowed somewhat. However, it still is an essential part of my life and I’m still chugging away on my third novel. My motto has become, “I think I can, I think I can.” This year it will be, “I KNOW I can!”

I’m writing this from a resort room, where I’m on a writing retreat with fellow author Conda Douglas. Sometimes those timeshare follies turn into good deals. I’m blessed to be able to spend a week away from home. We’re getting a lot of words on the page. And having a great time catching up and playing—only a little.

Some writers are comfortable writing at home, but I’ve found that mini-retreats, like the Tucson Writers Table I attend every Monday evening in Tucson for two hours, allows me to focus on one writing task. I get more done in those two hours than in two days at home. So this year I’m planning more time in one of our great local libraries or a coffee shop.

If you’re like me, perhaps you’re distracted by ideas for yet another novel or a short story. I have notes for several more novels. I simply tell myself I’ll have to live a long time. I recently read an interview with multi-published and talented author Kristin Hannah, who discarded a novel after investing two years in it. I have mixed thoughts on that. It’s my belief that we less experienced authors should work to finish what we start, while at the same time giving ourselves permission to follow our muse. Be aware, however, that writing is indeed a job and, as my mother used to drill into my head ad nauseum, “A job worth doing is a job worth doing well.” And finishing.

In 2018, I’m working to finish what I start, enjoy what I do, and savor my time—with friends, family and fellow writers.

What are your writing intentions for 2018? What special ways will you use to achieve them?

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

  1. Nicely said. I agree with intentions rather than resolutions- which sound so––resolute and unchangeable.
    My intentions leave wide open spaces for friendships, family times, new paths, a willingness to live a more unstructured life because I have more trust in myself and the universe.

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