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Escape and Laughter

Escape and laughter, two words that come to mind after reading Foul Wind, Kathy McIntosh’s second book in the Havoc in Hancock suspense series. Female characters both assertive and quirky with names like Feather Sullivan keep the action moving as the masculine lineup brings back Cliff Mustard, aka Roadkill, the hero and environmentalist who literally wears his philosophy on his back. Mix in relationships, sexual tension, jealousy, and greed and the atmosphere is set. McIntosh’s interest and knowledge of keeping things green in our world create a believable plot around a wind farm energy project that isn’t all that clean as unusual alliances are created to track and bring the villains to justice.I picked up Kathy’s first book, Mustard’s Last Stand, last year, looking for stress relief. It did not disappoint. I turned to Foul Wind for a change of pace from poring over social media tutorials, nutritional books, and research for editing. And escape I did right along with Feather’s sassy and smart maneuverings to settle the suspense along with her personal life

Amazon Review (5 of 5 stars) February 5, 2016
May 2016

Kathy McIntosh’s
Foul Wind reviewed by Michael Frissore  

Sonoran Arts NeReview

When an author uses the term “Humorous Suspense” in the subtitle of his or her novel, the discerning reader is apt to begin by countering with something along the lines of, “All right, hot shot. Make with the laughs. Suspend me.”

With Foul Wind, the reader should not worry.  Kathy McIntosh’s Foul Wind is a very funny, edge-of-your-seat suspense yarn.

McIntosh’s follow-up to her Idaho Best Book Award-winning debut Mustard’s Last Stand does for the state of Idaho what authors such as Carl Hiaasen and Dave Barry did for Florida. Suspense and laughter abound. The great news for Southern Arizona readers is that, after thirty years of living in Idaho, McIntosh, her husband, and her two cats now reside in Tucson. Thus, she says, her follow-up to Foul Wind will be set in the Old Pueblo.

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Avery humorous and clever suspense!
There is wit and humor on every page. The solution to the mystery isn’t revealed until the last few pages. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. If you haven’t already read “Mustard’s Last Stand” (also by Kathy McIntosh) by the time you get to the end of “Foul Wind” you’ll want to read “Mustard.” so you can continue to be with the wacky characters and their thoughts as they get into outlandish predicaments.
-Amazon Review (5 of 5 stars) November 28, 2015

Reviews of Mustard’s Last Stand

An endearingly quirky cast of characters and a humorous voice that’s sure to captivate, combined with a mission that both nature lovers and Don Quixote would celebrate, make Mustard’s Last Stand an absolute charmer! Don’t miss this fun debut.

– Kris Neri, award-winning author of Revenge on Route 66 and Magical Alienation

A totally fun read. I enjoyed getting acquainted with all the characters (zany, lovable, quirks and all) and love the way the author mixes points to ponder in with nonstop plot surprises and humor that sometimes just “slaps you upside the head.” The book even comes with a “lagniappe” by way of a recipe for scones. New Jersey has Janet Evanovich; Idaho has Kathy McIntosh. I hope to meet up with the residents of Hancock again.

– Amazon review (5 of 5 stars), 12-23-2013

Proof Laughter is Good For You Beneath all of the crazy characters and their sometimes wild adventures lies a story with true heart and a valuable moral. There are plenty of laughs in this page turner and plenty of insights that keep the story fresh and memorable.

– Amazon review (5 of 5 stars), 08-07-2013

What a romp! A friend of the author lent me this book, wanting my opinion. The first night I read 1/3 of the book. The second night I finished the book. I couldn’t put it down! It is a little confusing at first, because so many characters are introduced, but I soon got them straight. Every character IS a character! I think it would make an excellent movie. It is a wonderful read.
I just ordered and sent a copy to a friend.

– Amazon review (5 of 5 stars), 03-15-2013

A UNEXPECTED GEM This is a great book! Wonderful outdoor mountain setting in Idaho with crazy/fun characters involved in interesting/hilarious situations. If you enjoy reading Carl Hiaasen’s books, definitely give this a try. Ed Mustard returns to his home town, Hancock, Idaho, feeling he is a screenwriting failure in California. Bringing his wife’s ashes with him (and talking to her/them frequently), he finds his brother, Ed, aka Roadkill, involved in trying to get their family ranch back from an eager to make a profit business owner intent on turning the ranch into “Camp Destiny” – a place where “hunters” can go to “hunt” wild game. Woven within the story are 4 pregnant women, a con-man/preacher, a drug addict, and a smart, very physically endowed woman intent on working in law enforcement. All of this creates a good story with serious issues yet funny situations. Looking forward to a second installment with more Mustards!

– Amazon review (4 of 5 stars), 10-29-2012

Imaginative, believable, and captivating Each character is portrayed as a believable person, and they all end up in unpredictable, funny circumstances. Kathy has a great imagination. It was hard to put the book down when it was time to go to sleep; I wanted to know what happened next. I’m looking forward to the next in the series.

– Amazon review (5 of 5 stars), 10-14-2012

Great Book I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Mustard’s Last Stand’. Kathy McIntosh has created a new series of books that leave me hungry for more. The cast of characters are unique and make me look forward to reading more about the residents of Hancock. Great book!

– Amazon review (5 of 5 stars), 10-06-2012

What a wild fun ride! Mustard’s Last Stand’s cover merely hints at the funny read inside. Set in a small town in northern Idaho, this novel brings together a wacky group of townspeople, a new “Safari Camp” and unwed mothers. I laughed out loud several times while reading–and this almost never happens. But I think what I enjoyed most about Mustard’s Last Stand is the wonderful interplay between Mustard–who’s returned to his hometown–and his brother, Roadkill!, ex-girlfriend and the rest of the townspeople. My only regret is that when this novel ended I couldn’t jump into the next one from this author.
Note: Mustard’s Last Stand comes down firmly on the side of environmentalists.

– Amazon review (4 of 5 stars), 09-26-2012

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