About Kathy

Kathy McIntosh has loved words since her father quoted limericks and her mother shouted, “Not in front of the girls!” Her father introduced her to The Little Engine That Could and Mark Twain and her mother instilled her love of mysteries and music.

Her parents also inspired Kathy’s love of nature. She grew up in southern California and her family spent vacations camping throughout the Western United States, finding most joy in the red rock country of Arizona and southern Utah.

Now Kathy lives in Tucson, Arizona, a delighted recent transplant after many years in Idaho.  She is enjoying the scenery change from cottonwoods to cactus. Her life is shared with two cats—part Maine Coon and 100 percent hair, a Catahoula Leopard Dog/Labrador mix, and her husband.

Kathy lived for eight years five miles up a dirt road, emphasis on the up. She became an expert on longjohns and driving snow covered roads. Now she’s exploring rocky paths and learning about javelinas and saguaro. When not enjoying the outdoors or cozied up reading, she loves to travel and explore different cultures and cuisines.

After a career that took her from scooping hard ice cream at Howard Johnson’s to giving customers the scoop on the latest high technology, Kathy now spends her time writing humorous mysteries. She also helps others improve their words.

A co-founder of the popular mystery lovers’ conference, Murder in the Grove in Boise, Idaho, Kathy is a member of Tucson Sisters in Crime, Arizona Mystery Writers and International Thriller Writers.

writer of humorous thrillers